Change Time

In the era of the masters of war,  who are intent on the great reset, some ‘times’ are beyond the hands of men, this song is about the hands of time and the season of change. Time waits for appointed season Truth Always crucifies reason It’s like the crow told me Belief is the enemy […]

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Ears of the kingdom

A new way of hearing the original language of Angels, more musings on the tongue in cheek sound of the truth frequency of holy madness and crazy wisdom… It’s all been written. Prophecy smitten. Have you been bitten? Found the truth frequency  Radio wave certainty Sow like John the Revelator Beware of the iconic imager  […]

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The Seventh Sense

From time immemorial the clues of the numerology of the Seven, from the day of rest,  the Sabbath to the sick sense of the sixth sense, back to John’s apocalypse, the etymology of the 666, poetic musings of Kingdom come and the fallen watchers falling fast. The Seventh Sense Who is the man of sin […]

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Word Press

Word is consciousness. The very first thing that came into existence. Playful yet serious this poem is about the power of the word. The power has swayed minds. Attempting to be a person of your word is the highest honor anyone can do. Word press Let’s express The word press Press the word Press the […]

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Bunker Shock

The inspiration for this poem is the book of genesis and the first four days of creation. Truth is stranger than fiction regarding scientism fiction. This is about the false ideas of space travel to Mars and the eyes wide shut Stanley Kubrick “moon landing”. Ask questions and come to your own conclusions and be […]

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To Twain or Not

To Twain or not. . . within fiction lies many a truth and Mark Twain was able to get to the moral fiber of a story with the reasoning of justice, honesty and good conscience. What we teach the children through books like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer – is to do the right thing, […]

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The secret ALPHAbet

The secret ALPHAbet I’m betting on the Alpha bet Sourcing the meaning of necromancy Dancing with Semitics’ text I’m betting on the Alpha bet Sourcing the meaning of necromancy Dancing with Semitics’ text Originally scrolled and rolled For ease turned into a codex Yes that’s how we got books Oh Slicing up parchment Finding ease […]

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