Dead See Scrolls

Learning how to see with new ears. Contemplating the found books in 1947 which gave us quite a bit of ample scholarly confirmation of the accuracy of very old text. As usual there is a fun spin on the concepts of word play and the prophetic words of the bible are laced through. How can […]

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Chapter 2 .  Awake ” Golden slumber fills your eyes Smiles awake you when you rise Sleep pretty darling don’t you cry And I will sing you a lullaby “ Beatles, Golden Slumbers 1969 It starts with a dream . . . Granted that word can mean a couple of different things. A dream of […]

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Grateful Beginnings

Chapter 1. Grateful Beginnings I wouldn’t be able to place the first time I ever heard of the Grateful Dead, as in the actual wordplay, of the word grateful and the word dead put together and what images they conjured in my head.  Words that come to mind –  strange, weird, eerie, and different. Coming […]

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