Ears of the kingdom

A new way of hearing the original language of Angels, more musings on the tongue in cheek sound of the truth frequency of holy madness and crazy wisdom…

It’s all been written.

Prophecy smitten.

Have you been bitten?

Found the truth frequency 

Radio wave certainty

Sow like John the Revelator

Beware of the iconic imager 

Soulless royal clone ravager

Beast ruler of the field

Antichrist Cains’ seed

Deed to your mind

Which witch owner bind

Find from the blind

True kingdom come

Second awaiting ransom

Don’t trust the serpent tongue

Secret orders deceiving run

Spun to create a false son

Vatican lies and bible spies

Twist the Word to despise 

Ears he who has them can see

Hear the age old language

Calling you and me

Invitation to the wedding feast

Calling all true king and priest

Those who are of the heard

The lost tribe flock to gird

Truths notes searched and found

Answered prayers of the bound

Taught by tongues of sound

Speaking in duel

Fighting the cruel

Knowing the rule

Parable of the seed

Sown in sound deed

Ears to see

Eyes sometimes lie

Hearing to be

Following the life tree

Tongues of fire decree

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