The Seventh Sense

From time immemorial the clues of the numerology of the Seven, from the day of rest,  the Sabbath to the sick sense of the sixth sense, back to John’s apocalypse, the etymology of the 666, poetic musings of Kingdom come and the fallen watchers falling fast.

The Seventh Sense

Who is the man of sin

The man of the moon god

Anyone who believes in the beast system

Oh mercy not sacrifice is the rod

Answer burned into forehead live

What does the Redeemer claim

All who revere the name

Calling on the holy ones

Gathering of the sound puns

Counternyms wording sanction

To be covered or blessed

Or to be cordoned off

Secret year on the horizon

Reprobate mystery in Zion

Enoch eon time of man

Truth serum a heart scan

What rock do you roll

Stones of clay or asphalt

The road to promise

Or the freeway to decay

Dead reckoning the coming day

Clearly verily the equinox agree

Not the vernal but spring opening reality

The sky clock timing blue

On a roll melted waxen scroll

Revealing guitars of Revelation

Protect the virgins who sing

Our only hope from the sting

Vows ring through the night sky

Midnight bells tolling cry

Numbered lettered the triple six

Enumerating foresight of double meaning

Greek number coded stumbler

A spellcheck of Christ’s real name

There are no j’s in the Hebrew tongue

There’s a clue when you sound out

The word for the number in the apocalyptic 

666 passageIt seems like the Greek has another message

Phonetically when you say that 666 word

Starts with the sound Chee

Sound ends with  is us

Cheesus  the counterfeit  one

The word, antichrist, pseudo – instead of Harlot of Babylon not the dove

The vultures of Tyre require

The birds of prey prick the stigma

The mark of carries firefly signal

Worshiping burning fleshly pyre

Monkey see monkey poo liar

The seventh sense the seven fold Spirit

Mercy call from the fall steer it

No need to roast a bull

No need to sacrifice a skull

Let’s knead  unleavened bread

The levy is about to breakneck speed

Steely Daniels and John’s sevenfold creed

All will pass away except the word

So won’t you hold thee sword

Chant the glory about the grace

The only real interface

Seven seas seven seals

Seventh sense peals thunder lightning from the east

Angels separate sound for peace

Hear the sense of the seventh crease

Searching for the sound release

Secreted seven lamp stands

Only hope for our lands

The church of brotherly love

The spirit of the dove

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