Word Press

Word is consciousness. The very first thing that came into existence. Playful yet serious this poem is about the power of the word. The power has swayed minds. Attempting to be a person of your word is the highest honor anyone can do.

Word press

Let’s express

The word press

Press the word

Press the word

Code blue

Read shoe

Alpha Charlie Code read

Decipher dread

Mind your p’s

Forget the q’s

Quest press

Guest press

No question

Press the word

Press the word

Word play

Word say

Words worth

Word smith

Word of life

Wordy gurdy

Let the word play

Let the word press

What’s in a word

Word word

Preach word

Preach word

Word up

Word down

A simple word

Word heard

Word herd

Pack of word

Word pact

Word to word

Word code

Code word

What in the word

Who in the word

Why in the word

How in the word

Press the word

Did you hear

The word

Simple 4 letter word

Four better

Or worse

Started with a word

Started with a word

Word start

Don’t stop

Word press it

Word button

Open or clothes it

It clothes us


Its just a word

Word craft

Word idea

Word matter

Word mass


Word to the wise

Wise word

My word

Word on Word is forever

Word believe

Believe word

Word slay

All in a word

Word we going

Word’s your oyster

Pearls of word

Word swine

Word is whine

Drink the word

Drink the word

Press the word

Grape the word

Press it Drink it Word is bread

Word is life

Free the word

Free the word

Word was free

Word is free

Free press

Free word

Word All in a word

I got one word

Hello word

Word friend

Pen pal

Friend of the word

Call the word

Put the word out

No put the word in

Word in word out

What came first Day word

What came next

Dark word


Word genesis

Word is light

Light word

ust a light word

It ain’t so heavy

Its just light talk

No matter

Just light chatter

Word over mind

Cats got my tongue

Think word

Word think

Word tinker

Word thinker

Tinker with the word

Surprise word

Word surprise

Back to the word

Ah feels good the word

My only friend the word

Love playing word games

Play on words

Play on word

Play on …Like a child

Don’t forget to play

Words have power

Word power

Power to the word

What word do you speak

Tongue of a different color

Code read Read it and weep

Reap it and weed it

Word it and gird it

Sweep it tweak it

Word of a different color

Word speak

Ministry of the word

Free the word

Free the mind’s eye

With a word

Whats the opposite

Of the word

Door of death

Word rising

Word rose

Word will come again

Wait for it Word won’t fail

Word on the street

Word on the prowl

Holy word

Wholly word

Its got the whole word

In its feetIt comes and goes

Word is coming

Good news

Good word

Good word almighty

Nay sayers

Lost sailors

Sail on the word

Aye sail on the word

For its just a breath

A word

A word of wind

How did we get here

Censoring of the word

War of the word

My word against yours

Stay kind word

A kind word Goes a lot further…

Word kind

My kind of word

Let the wording begin

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