Bunker Shock

The inspiration for this poem is the book of genesis and the first four days of creation. Truth is stranger than fiction regarding scientism fiction. This is about the false ideas of space travel to Mars and the eyes wide shut Stanley Kubrick “moon landing”. Ask questions and come to your own conclusions and be careful what you hold as true.

Bunker Shock

If the electric go down

And you have no net around

How you gonna be safe and sound

When it all goes down when it all goes down

Fake claims to the  three days of darkness

Replicating but  empty in starkness

Devoid of love

Devoid of grace

The void of space

The firmament will not be broken

The firmament retains the awoken

Globalist lies selling  round

Flat lining society’s bound

The world order bringing chaos

Claiming they are going to save us

Unmasking  the sevenfold seal

Secret alphabet in naked plane sight reveal

Spoken literally from beginning to end

Peers into the odd-a-see

Promised land in eternity

Those with  ears hear the times rhythm snakes

Hollow men weening hollow globalist fakes

The sound wind clears mourning tears

While reserve bankers collect arrears

Flat lying wonder

Moon shot blunder

The void of space

Devoid of love

Devoid of grace

In the beginning the first day of the epic

Creation thundered  genesis was sonic

Frequency opening stanza the first sound

The I Am said I am the Light gather round

Then consciousness defining the terms existence

The day was good and darkness held  in separate tense

Separating defining the glare of lights call

The sounding covered the deep till the night fall

On the second day he created the vault of heaven

The safe with combination lock and secret haven

Day three He made the land and the seas

And all the vegetation seeds and trees

The Fourth day the four winds did zoom

Lowering the boom  giving two lights  in the gloom

Great one for day the lesser for night

Even in the darkness he gave us the moon and starlight

Anyway you look at it, it’s outa sightAre you children of light or chillin of fright

Dates and figures many moons many seasons

Apocalyptic calendars  so many treasons

False flags false prophets by the scoreIs this how we take care of the poor?

Go ahead hide in your bunkers

The foxholes for atheist spelunkers

For some the Day of our Lord is going to be a toast

For the scorpion tails it’s gonna be a roast

So go ahead and hide in your fall out shelter

It will become a panic room of a different color

You can’t run you can’t hide when your days are done

You can’t run you can’t hide where’s your soul gonna run

Are you

Devoid of grace

Devoid of love

The void of space

Space walk moon talk

Lunatic fringe Nasa losers lost space

Climatic cringe

New speak thought police

Launching mark of the syringe

Beast system insane asylum

The Akashic record will fry em

Digerati police state determined pace

Politicians vying for kingship in the rat race

Meanwhile Gates locking doors on world health

Real medicine have to go stealth

The smell of musk scents foul play

Just more false prophets of our day

So go to the moon

Oh yea nasa forgot how

Lost that data somehow

Where is it lost in space

Space the final frontier

More like final resting place

Operation fishbowl got your tongue

Blown up like nasa pictures done

Won’t open the next can of worms

The Antarctica that Byrd has flown

Is the human face

Devoid of grace

Devoid of love

Stuck in the race

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