To Twain or Not

To Twain or not. . . within fiction lies many a truth and Mark Twain was able to get to the moral fiber of a story with the reasoning of justice, honesty and good conscience. What we teach the children through books like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer – is to do the right thing, have an adventure and learn to understand the truth vs what other people tell you to think.

To Twain or Not

Existential 101

Is there an end to it

Do we begin do we end

What is it to exist

Do we fail to exist

Is it a mistake to merely exist

Fishing for answers In the rain

Diving for windIn the pain

Mark Twained

Many truths

Inside fiction Lies a moral code

Two ultimate days

The day your born

And the day you know why

Fishing for answersIn the rain

Diving  for wind

In the pain

Another Clemens line

That rang the telltale sign

Don’t let school get in the way

Of your education

He knew how to knock heads

The real knock

At the real door

Experience teaches more
Fishing for truth In the rain

Driving for wind

Going insane
Mastering truth

From fiction

Storied illusion

Hiding the door

Or showing the way

How do you do

What do you see

Life the grand experiment

The testing ground

Secret of you

The secret of you

Secreted from you

Dreaming your secret Code

The fall

The waking

The awaking

Code breaking

Born to fly past

Born twice

Physically and mentally

Born again

You mean

Born from above


Word ordering

Word altering

The word altar

Why me why you

Why you oughta know

Born to die

Born to ask why

How now



However you choose

There are rules

To existence

Follow the leader

Or follow your own leads

Fishing for answers

In the rain

Diving for wind

In the pain

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