Rage of the Age

The dualistic meaning of the term to rage can be anything from partying to true angry outbursts. We get the word outrageous from the word rage and therein lies the beauty of the pun – The Rage of the Age, my next poem here

Rage of the Age

Music is frequency

A science of tone

Signature times

Squared by rhyme

Summons  the birth of a song

We are receivers

Tuning in the zone

The beat and the bang

Snare drums the symbols clang

The traps trance us along

The strings come in

Tying us down

The base holding the ground

The live wire lead electrifying the sky

The band widths expand vertically

When the organ of note

When truth soars the  pipes float

When the singer and song are one

Living  song  lyric  stun the pun

Hear ye hear ye it’s all the rage

Sweet music at the end of the age

Hear ye hear ye it’s all the rage

Musics true purpose at the end of the age

Here now here now

Gone tomorrow

Read song sorrow

Good songs never die

They beat the love of the heart sigh

The true Word joined with tambourine cry

Hear ye hear ye it’s the end of the age

Scriptures hidden in plain sight on the page

Should be the rallying cry should be all the rage

Here now here now gone tomorrow

Today a call to the faithful put away sorrow

The latter days the time the Jacobs trouble line

Lost books found hidden another preamble of  the sign

Most fall most fall away from the original design

This song is for those who spring from Abrahams well

Spring the flood tide the living water swell

The stream of which this drink did tell

The wonders of wonders the mysteries of mysteries

The Song of Destiny the book of dream revelries

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