Pun of The Apocalypse

Pun of The Apocalypse

This poem is a love song to Bob Dylan penned celebrating the Pass Over.
No Angel of Death can catch,  because of the slain Lamb found on the door.
Let these words stimulate
Oh Lord, can’t procrastinate
Or mince nor hesitate
Following clues at the scene of a crime
Like a Dyck, detective, sci fi sublime
Truth or fiction whatever is your bag
What resonates first, Ryder white stag
Double word-sword homonym’s red glare
Poet sings about red dawn read scare
Black,  listing, it’s ugly snare
Duck for cover, lass
Water off the PROVERBial ass
White donkey soft and true
Psalmist secrets hue
 Jerome bears rushing lullaby
Inking octopussy’s secret cry
Ma bell sold inside and out
Netting spiders castings shout
From the gut of ice nine
Slaughter house double dutch whine
Hear the sirens of Nephilim
Men of renounce of the Hymn
Nimrods hide in a tower of babble
Fear knot confusions princely tools
Weed out phonetics out of the schools
Cogs cognition freethinking a lost art
The 3 m s of technologies fart
Loot, minds, of and force
Steady sailors, a fowl winds course
Choice of the lesser weevil
A commander did wurdy gurdy play
This hornblower , as something else aye say
Serving two masters inks the soul
War of art, resistance tied to the whipping pole
Keep dancing by the loon tide
Midnight hour  Bob cats gather the pride
Searchers of the true soundings
Keyed depths Davey Jones lockings
The eagles wings ripped off the lyin’
Scripted tunings forked tongue tying
Steely Dan profiting out of revelation
Funny Mark, that tribe no mention
Joseph’s dream coat shining blue in the Son
Sky is scared yellow and we singing the pun
Naked as a jay bird caroling the crows
scheinehund! the rat dog growls and knows
How do you herd cats?
sheep in wolfs clothing smiling rats
Fear and Panic of mars
 the moons of the gods of wars
Are they all alike California hotel
The other Morrow son and the dead did  tell
So open your ears to your hearts content
To sweet music, sweet water, the vial of life portent
Magic arrows in war that can curve and find their target
A lyre that  spell checks the coming titanous beast
What due you knead? More bread?
or candy man, food of the head
Rather more cowboy Wheel at the kneel
last flip half, further Cassidy’s  Deal
The card is a joker man they are all the same
Smiling smiling Pentecostal flame
Sky wheel both small and grand
Pray a living prayer trick is letting go
And holding on as the tender song show
When the musics over …
Turn out the lights
Eternal reward showering sights
Oh I bid you ado past the test
Oh, Carry on my dear brothers and take your rest
Rest assured this darkness
Will teach us how to give.

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