The Ides of Now

The Ides of Now
This poem was originally intended to be released on March 15 as a birthday celebration of Phil Lesh. One of our Uncles in the Hart of Gold Band, 80 and still has lead in his pencil, and a six shooter that thunders and cries.
Phil lesh 2
How to put into words
The thoughts of a lifetime
In the pitch of an elevator ride
With just the right tone
Witness to the shone
That ladder ride to the heavens
And the free fall to hell
That left me here to tell
Of the secret brotherhood of the rose
Who knows the mystery that sows
Word smithing ideas to share
Hear, here I lay bare
The fair and fowl wind
That has blown me ashore
Dark riddles to explore
With light from heavens score
Orchestrating circumstantial metaphor
I am your witness
I am at your service
Is it just a song
Is it just a story
Fact or fiction
Storytellers truth
Messenger or passenger
Driving along
Never seen the like
The tide is rising
grab the mike
It’s time to march
Seed time of year
The ides of now
So, attention span got your throat
To be the    I am
Thunder strikes, it can smote
Burned off my ears so I could see
Lightning and glory
Set this stool pigeon free
pinned against the wearing thin
No matter
whats inside will never die
No mass
no mas
More or less
How the song
Became lived and longed
So I lay roses at your feet
A songbook of seeking
Lost in a trance
I dead set my course
Marine reckoning the morning stars remorse
Scriptural soundness plotted
Synchronicity slotted and allotted
Blottered the lamps rub
Miracled in and granted
Answers from the crypt
Voodoo doodoo
True religion or shamans ghost
The trail of tears
A broken dancer‘s fears
Lone wolf
Separated from the pack
The biggest lie,
A cast away alone
Mold breaker song maker
Samson and the Lions published 1881 by Frederic, Lord Leighton 1830-1896
Who wrote the singer
or the song
Tricking myself
treating myself
Hollow weened
on eternities shore
Samson’s riddle
in the lions head
Solomons marbles
started the dread
Locust Post
 one two three four
Can I have a little more
all good kids go to heaven
These guns, I can’t shoot them anymore
Knocked out at the door
Gave up on sleep
 long time ago
all along the nightmare
Time to warn a few
Loose lips sink ships
Run silent run deep
Subterranean subterfuge
Can’t shout up or shut down
Stuttering Akashic records squeal
The wing nut
 is stealing the wheel
Holding on
letting go
Ah the zen
creed of eastern lore
Stay now stay now
just be now
Easy Jim,
the Lord knows
Just roll with it,
hold em, fold em
Raise em,
play your card
Jokers wild
Dare to weather
Whether or not
Keep your lamp trimmed burning
Knot slipping security breach
Who done it
So what.
Sow watt…
What you sowing?
Seeds of mind eye coordination.
Who’s on first?
Huh, didn’t hear you.
 Oh, Sounds like your lips were moving.
 Were you trying to say something.
Oh Sound is on first, the beginning,
 it all started with a Word.
Have you ever heard the speed of sound,
Woe … easy fella.
It travels at the speed of 740 miles per hour.
Where are you going with this?
Where isn’t even on the field!
Who’s on first base?
Who’s on first base.
Who, who are you, who the fuck are you,
we’d really like to know.
What ?
What, I’ll tell you what.
 What’s on second.
Give me a second.
Base it on Americas Game.
What’s on second base.
Let’s play a word association game,
It will make it easier for you to remember,
James Watt
Who ?
No Watt, but yea what.
Anywho was named in the vein of voltage
like 40 watt light bulb.
Oh, ok.
So the what,
that’s on second
The light,
in my new metaphor.
Ah, forget about it.
 Just cross referencing,
word play, science history,
old jokes, new metaphors,
 basic bullshit from yesteryear.
Your boring me.
Sorry another board game
Where was I
what’s on second base.
Yes what’s on second.
So what’s on second
Think of that as light.
In telepathy class
my first year in mystery school
it was a physics question,
mind reading seminar,
You know, Thesis paper shit
Anyway, the question I had
 Do thoughts travel at the speed of sound or the speed of light ?
Light travels at 186,000  ft per second. Sound 740 miles per hour.
Inquiring minds want to know.
That’s tricky
are thoughts light
or sound
now you get me.
Mind games, playing those mind games forever
Well telepathy class was sure interesting,
Mystery school is what I’m majoring in man.
What came first? Sound or light, Let there be light?
Old school Newtonian thinking goes
lightning strikes first, then you hear it after
Count how many seconds till you hear the thunder
Each second is a mile, then you know how close you are to the strike
If a tree falls in the woods
And no one’s there to hear it
Did it really happen …
Oh, so, I thought as a lightbulb goes off in my head
then the sound comes later
Hmmm its those simultaneously strange manifestations
of thought, sound and  light,
Black and white
It’s more like gray matter.
My brain cries
Does it matter?
It did back in Seminary School,
Are you a chicken or an egg?
Are you hatched from a bird of pray
Or dropped out of the coocoos nest
A chicken little or chicken shit.
Now that you put it that way.
More like a rooster crowing at midnight.
Hey Abbott !
Who’s on third base ?
I was waiting for that,
Why. Why Why Why
Why is on third ?
Why; this is the mystery of mysteries.
40 years in the desert
Why not ?
Your here, what are you gonna do about it ?
Once you can wrap your brain
and Hart  around that one,
Then you can go home.
Score one for the team, bro.
I’m a real Homer.
As In the dinner of Tantalus
I mean living an odd-a-see
Weirdo you go from there
Trying to play on this field of dreams,
Hearing codes seeing ghosts
Playing ball with the spirits
What a crazy game.
Ahh, such is life.
When you play for keeps.
What do you mean?
When you leave this field,
The only thing you take with you is your soul,
Or what’s left of it.
Oh, yeah, right
The only way to get out alive
Is to conquer death while your alive,
What ?
You heard me.
Now go play nice.
I don’t know
Na, he’s coming from left field
Huh ?
 I don’t know
He plays in left.
Akashic Recods 2
The master plumber told
 my younger brother go to my truck
And get the left handed monkey wrench
The whole crew had a laugh when he couldn’t find it !
The left side of my brain
Doesn’t know
 what the right side is doing
Such is life
Until lucid dreaming wins the day
Now your on to something
Or on something
The bus to never ever land
Only way to travel
Hook lined and sinkered
Sick of the brass rings
Going for the silver
Now that’s a shade of gray
Just say your piece and get out
Just whistle and spit
I got my list out
The gist of which
The witch wind can be purgatory
But nothing ventured nothing gained
More than ashes
Time to take another sounding
Low water, can’t survive another grounding
Can’t you hear the sound of now
I think the sound of now is light
Silent but deadly
The sound of now is the eternal flame of the burning bush that said
can’t you hear me knockIN
Just tell em the I am that I am
sent you
They’re gonna think I’m crazy
We’ve been over that already
How many psyche wards is it gonna take ?
Oh yea won’t do that again
Changeling  gonna see me change …
Think of it this way
Your crazy but your still lovable
I guess
Yeah man it’s gonna be alright
Ok keep the four winds blowing at my back
Cmon man you’ve sailed tight reaches before,
If I had the world to give I’d give it to you
All that I live I’d give to you
Angels of mercy, my goodness,
There’s still time in the now
Just be grateful and let the world go by
Keep on planting seeding and smiling
Simple Simon says
Just stray true to your course
In miracles,
one of my buds favorite classes
Crazy, how it works
How seedlings, life itself
 finds the way
Stop, stop
Your giving me a headache
with all your bullshit.
Just stay in the middle of now …
be here now
P.S. God Bless.
        Peace Out

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